Shai Hills – Aburi Botanical Gardens
After breakfast, depart your hotel for a scenic drive to The Shai Hills Game Reserve which combines nature conservation, rich cultural interest and archaeological sites with splendid scenic beauty. Trek through the savannah plains where you might get to see some of West Africa’s notable game: antelope, bushbucks, kobs, baboons, monkeys and many bird species, including the crested eagle. Visit the Obonu Tem and Se Yo caves which serve as home to many animals, including a colony of bats. The brave will also have the opportunity to go into the caves, follow the sun and emerge at the peak of the hill! These caves were once home to the Shai people’s ancestors and used by their king until the late 19th century. The area was defensible in times of war thanks to the large stone rocks, overhangs and tunnel-like cave openings. Learn about the various artefacts that have been found on this site.
After lunch on your own, visit the Aburi Botanical Gardens. The Aburi Botanical Gardens was created in 1890 for pleasure and scientific research; it is a habitat for plants and butterflies from all around the world. The gardens are found in the town of Aburi which boasts of interesting history, a beautiful town and friendly people. Aburi’s attractive features have been made easier to view with recent additions of rental bicycles for tours on the mountain.

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